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Belkin Essential Series 3-Socket Surge Protector F9E300ZB1.5MGRY

  • Grounds AC power with 3-line protection through all 3 sockets
  • Delivers power through a 1.5-metre, heavy duty cables
  • Maximum Spike Current: 6500 Amps
  • Connected Equipment Warranty Max. Damage Coverage Rs.15,000
  • Lifetime Warranty(Max 5 Years)
Special Price Rs.650.00 Regular Price Rs.999.00

Belkin Essential Series F9E300zb1.5MGRY 3-Socket Surge Protector

3-Socket Surge Protector from Belkin

This surge protector from Belkin protects your appliances from the sudden power fluctuation in the AC current that lasts for fraction of a millisecond but is potent enough to destroy and fry circuits of delicate gadgets. This product comes with a 3 plug socket point with versatile socket points for different plug point.

Product Description

Three-Socket Surge Protector

Deal with the electricity fluctuations in your home or office with the Belkin F9E300zb1.5MGRY Essential Series Surge Protector. With its endurance capability for up to 6500 Amp maximum spike current or 200 joules surge energy, the Surge Protector allows you to safeguard your computers, peripherals, domestic appliances, electrical equipments and more against high voltage levels. Further, the three-socket Surge Protector offers you a cost-effective solution to connect up to three of your devices and protect these simultaneously. There’s also the AC power grounding with 3-line protection for all these 3 sockets to enhance the safety quotient of this Surge Protector.

Quick Response Time

With the less than one nano second response time of the Surge Protector, you can rest assured about the shielding of your electrical gadgets without any dangerous delays. The Surge Protector connects with a wall socket through its 1.5 m lengthy heavy duty cable that ensures a stable connectivity while also giving you the freedom to place your diverse equipments the way you prefer.

From the Manufacturer

Surge Protector for Lifelong Protection of Electronics

The Belkin Essential Series three socket surge protector helps to protect electronic equipment, household electronics, peripherals and computers from voltage fluctuation. It sports three sockets for parallel connection of different devices. Moreover, the Belkin F9E300zb1.5M grounds AC power for all the 3 sockets with 3-line protection. The 372-g light-weight protector is reasonably sized so it can be easily carried and fitted in desired places.

Power Rating

The Belkin essential series protector is capable of absorbing 200 joules of surge energy, and it can withstand a maximum spike current of 6500 amperes. Belkin F9E300zb1.5MGRY Essential Series surge protectors have a very low response time of 1 nano second which is ideal for safety of electronic devices. The surge protector comes with a 1.5-metre heavy-duty cable for better and safe connectivity. Buy the Belkin F9E300zb1.5MGRY Essential Series 3 Socket Surge Protector online and be assured of a defect-free product be it the assembly, material or workmanship.

  • Item Weight: 372 g
  • Response Time: 1 nano second
  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 13.5 x 4.1 cm
  • Item Height: 41 mm
More Information
Model No
Number of Sockets
Surge Protection Capacity
200 - 299 Joules
Maximum Current Of
6000 - 6999 amps
3 Years
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