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Welcome aboard compuwareonline.com, the pure play Information Technology products online store. At the outset we would like to thank you for your patronage. We have planned a series of Inaugural Sale offers. To start with we are offering you some products Absolutely free and some at a discounted Price. We will be changing the points on products frequently, so stay tuned for benefits. Thank you and expecting your continued patronage, Providing you best of products and services.


Find Reward point earning matrix and Redeemable product list Below.

Register for New account                                                     ------->  150 Reward points

Subscribe for Newsletter                                                      -------> 150 Reward points

Each Product Share on Facebook (30 Points X 15 Shares)      -------> 450 Reward Points


Total Points Earned                                                            -------> 750 Reward points

How to earn and redeem reward points :-


Creating New Account:

-          Open our site www.compuwareonline.com

-          On the right hand side top (Header area ) You will find “Create an Account” Button . Click on that.

-          “Create New Customer Account “Page will open.

-          Fill in First name, Last name, e-mail id and mobile number which are mandatory.

-          Create a password and reconfirm the password which is mandatory.

-          Key in the captcha which is again mandatory.

-          Now click on “Create an Account” and you have finished with creating your account.

-          Now you will have 150 points credited to your account, which may be, approximately worth about Rs.75.


Subscribing for Newsletter:


-          In the footer of our home page, under the title “Information”, you will find the last button “Newsletter Subscription”. Click on that button.

-          You will get a popup.

-          In the popup box, at the bottom, you will find a field to key in your email id.

-          Key in your email id in that box and click on “Subscribe for Newsletter”

-          You are done subscribing to newsletters and now you will have 150 points credited to your account, which may be, approximately worth about Rs.75.


After creating a new account and subscribing for newsletter, you will be having 300 reward points in your account, which is approximately worth about Rs.150.


Sharing Products on Facebook :


-          Open any product of your choice, either by top category navigation or click on any product on the home page.

-          After you open the product page, above the product picture, you will find icons of Facebook share.


-          Click on  Facebook  share icon page pops up asking for your user id and password.

-          Log in to your Facebook  Account and click on share.

-          The product will appear on your Social Account page and you are done with sharing the product.

-          Now your account will be credited with 30 reward points for each product share.

-          Share different products of your choice from our web site on your Facebook Account page and you will fetch you 450 reward points,

which is worth approximately Rs.225.


Putting together new account creation, newsletter subscription and Socail Account shares will fetch you 750 reward points, which is worth about Rs.375.

 With this reward points you can claim products absolutely FREE!!


The reward points can be used to purchase any other products also at a discounted price, from our website.


How to claim the reward points?


-          Log in to your account by clicking on “Sign in” button located at the top right corner of our home page. Key in your user id and password.

-          Open the product page of your choice.

-          Click on “Add to cart”

-          The “0”in the cart will become “1”

-          Click on the cart icon

-          Click on “Go to checkout”

-          On this pop up, you will find that your Reward points have been adjusted to product price.

-          Now your purchase is complete.

-          And enjoy the redeemed / discounted product.


Products That can be redeemed with 750 points:




Price  after  Redemption of 750 points(Rs)

Keyboard Logitech K120

(Peripherals->Keyboard and  mouse)



Wired Mouse Logitech M105

(Peripherals->Keyboard and  mouse)



Wired Mouse Logitech M100R

(Peripherals->Keyboard and  mouse)



Wireless Mouse Logitech M170

(Peripherals->Keyboard and  mouse)



Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse

(Peripherals->Keyboard and  mouse)



Mouse Wireless logitech M171

(Peripherals->Keyboard and  mouse)



Wireless Mouse Logitech M187

(Peripherals->Keyboard and  mouse)



AOC LED Back lit LCD E1670SWU Monitor




Sony 16GB Microvault USB Flash Drive (USM16GR/B2 IN/313)

(Accessories->Pendrive| Flashdrive)



Sandisk Cruzer Blade 16 GB Pack Of 2 Pendrive (SKSDCZ50-016G)

(Accessories->Pendrive| Flashdrive)



SanDisk Ultra Dual 16GB USB 3.0 OTG Pen Drive (SDDD3-016G-G46)

(Accessories->Pendrive| Flashdrive)



SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB USB Flash Drive

(Accessories->Pendrive| Flashdrive)



SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive 16GB

(Accessories->Pendrive| Flashdrive)





























                                                                                                        You can redeem other products also with your reward points


team compuwareonline

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* Claims / customer registrations , bearing same phone number and/or address will not be valid 

* Our Point Earning rules will be modified frequently without any intimation to the customers or the rewards program may continued or discontinued with any intimation to customers . 

* We reserve the right to delete / modify the earned points by customers or delete customer registrations with out any intimation to the customers.

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