Refund, Returns, Cancellation and Warranty FAQ

Why we do not accept returns?

We are dealing in computer / Information Technology products which come with manufacturer sealed packaging. Usually products have a seal, pasted by the manufacturer , which says not to accept the product if the seal is broken . That means to say that if a customer opens a sealed product and then returns it to us , we will not be able to sell that product to any other customer. We are sure that you wouldn’t like to buy a product which somebody has already opened. This the reason why we don’t accept returns Hence we are not in a position to take back material that has been sold unless there has been physical damage in transit or wrong product received . Please refer  Request Return Policy.

Does this mean to say that customers cannot return a product even if it is defective ?

Defective products can always be repaired or replaced if it is within the warranty period. Most products that are sold through our portal carry manufacturer warranty. Products that do not carry Manufacturer warranty are items like cable, connectors etc., Even in these categories , we have manufacturer warranty for some of the cables/ Connectors. This means to say that if the product is found to be defective / malfunctioning, you have to call the respective toll free numbers of the manufacturer. He will take care of the issue. Toll free number for the product purchased by you is usually mentioned on the manufacturers packing box.

What is meant by manufacturer Warranty?

The term “Manufacturer Warranty” means that if the product is found to have any manufacturing defects within the warranty period, it will be repaired / replaced by the manufacturer free of cost. All Manufacturer Warranty products are subject to manufacturer’s terms and conditions of the respective brand s and vary from brand to brand. Usually Manufacturer Warranty will not cover any physical damage / damage due to natural calamity, damage due to spillage / corrosion due to water / any liquid or gas and so on.

Will my product be Replaced or Repaired by the manufacturer?

It depends on the issue. Many manufacturers offer the product to be replaced if the product is found to be defective within the first 10 days of purchase i.e. you have to log a complaint through their toll free number within the first ten days of purchase. If the product is found to be defective after the manufacturer stipulated period then it will be serviced.Special cases of accepting returns.Request Return Form. Please refer to  Request Return Policy.

Can orders be Cancelled ?

No. Once order has been placed by a customer , it cannot be cancelled.However we take the responsibility of cancelling the order if the goods is not delivered to the You within 16 days of placing the order through our website.  We advise You not to accept the courier, if the courier service provider approaches  you after 16 days of placing the order. After 16 days of placing the order, and if the product is not delivered, the order automatically stands cancelled. 

When will i get a refund ?

Refunds happen only after processing your Online Request Return Form and will be credited to your account from which the payment originated.

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